How much do u hate when some teenagers break into your house but only take beer and cigarettes
How funny would it be if I was chairman and CEO of Delta.
When you follow in the path of your father you learn to walk like him - African Proverb
How classic is crushing someone’s foot under the table cuz they’re embarassing you
How much do u hate people of all ages, enjoying themselves, lolllll
Farming is the best workout
try bleeping out whole words in text. What up ****
I thought of the funniest skit ever. A guy is learning dishwashing and his boss comes up to him and he’s like “god damnit John this is hand soap”
How much do u hate when a gorilla cracks open a coconut and hands you half
String cheese is a perfect shower snack. Water proof and the water warms it.
God is awesome. Like he just loves everybody, and nobody gives a F***(he actually wrote it like that.) Cant hurt I suppose, bible is tight tho from a scholarly perspective. Wanna go to temple?
Well my dear I will say this as regards the debacle between evolution and religion…the foundation of evolution is a drive that is purely irrational. The drive to procreate(peace sign emoji)
How much do u hate when ur making out with a girl and shes like “its too soon(kiss, kiss, kiss) its too…soon!(kicking you off)
Also, how much do u hate when a middle aged guy loves to run
Started a trend. Just tipped the guy serving me behind the counter at Mcdonalds.