seriously though do u think poverty stricken kids will substitute semen for glue when doing projects to save much needed $
is Bromanow’s move to approach a girl at a sports facility and ask her if she knows where the fitness center is?
how much do u hate when ur talking to a kid about how girls never expose their boobs in the winter which makes u not want them as much and he says ‘forget about that, tits are always in season’
how much do u hate when there’s a new and ignorant patriots security guard who tries to stop the kicker as he walks into the stadium and he responds ‘it’s alright man, I kick the field goals around here’
how much do u hate when ur at the urinal and u happen to catch a glimpse of the guy next to u’s dick and he goes ‘watch doin bud?’ (chuckles) ‘just keep ur eyes on ur own dick’
how much do u hate when a bunch of geologists will get together, buy some beers and have a laugh at the new science fiction thriller about earthquakes.
yo but I love when ur eating a bag of pretzels and some guy will come up to u and go ‘snyderrrrs, the best’
i feel like people don’t really jump into the air and tap their feet together anymore bro
how much do u hate when ur in the kitchen, browsing the vegetables and u pick a cucumber to observe it and ur friend goes ‘hey, hey don’t get any ideas over there’
But I really hate when ur in science class and a kid is asking the teacher a question about a shape and he’s trying to pronounce it ‘tetra, tetrahee’ and the teacher cuts them off and finishes what they were saying ‘tetrahedron’
I hate when a kid will start marching down the street lifting and dropping his legs in rigid, rapid motions while humming the 1812 overture
how much do u hate when a kid will walk into a room with a bowl of popcorn while perfectly flipping kernels into his mouth using his thumb
how much do u hate when a guy will turn to u and say ‘hey, why don’t we head up to cost cutters? get a couple of haircuts’
how much do u hate when a kid will jump in the air, grab his feet, and yell ‘tail grab!’
lately I’ve been leaving string cheese out over night, they’re much better at room temp