Shaq soda is unreal and made w real sugar no artificial colors plus honey
Somebody must subsidize. Or shaq took a pay cut to Finance.
Real honey vegetable juice for color and Citrix acid or e/e. not sugar not fructose
How much do u hate when a guy gets a complete meal for 3 bucks
They say kant’s critique has driven many great philosophers to the verge of suicide due to its obscurity and complexity And the bleakness of prose.
U know what the best thing ab sunglasses. U can look at girls privates w/o anybody seeing
Btw my dad doesn’t think the football hall of fame is the fraternity of all fraternities
How much do u hate when a guys like “you’ll find it when ur not looking for it”
How much do u hate when 2 guys just trying to make ends meet
How much do u hate when the traffic is so bad that everybody gets out and starts grilling
How much do u hat when a girl gets rich on her bday and someone goes “a very happy birthday indeed”
Interesting observation about refrigerators I realize refrigerator demand can never exceed a certain amount because only so much food you can tonight so no matter how rich you are you will never want more than anyone else. Which means refrigerator sales dont increase proportionate to a family or individuals wealth. Billionaires have as many as your avg middle class guy
I wanna dress up as a cock
But then might be weird approaching girls at a party dressed as a friggin cock
U ever think what’s the smallest geographic space u could fit every person in the world
Re Christmas- Atheists look forward to the presents. And that’s it!
The seed of the church is the blood of the martyrs According to a 2nd c Tertullian
U know I nvr knew that my mom brought home the bacon for 10 yrs while my dad was in school